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Production History

Over the past decade this song cycle has developed from a choral performance piece with narrator, to the present multi-media show, with archive footage and sound accompanying images showing the landscape of the unfolding story.

We first performed Dreams of Peace & Freedom at the Edinburgh Fringe and a pop-up tour followed. As we looked towards our commemorative year in 2020 celebrating the converging anniversaries of #NurembergTrials75 and #ECHR70 we extended the show adding photographic projections with lyrics. These became film after our launch to make the show what it is today.

As we lead up to 2025, we look forward to welcoming back a choir of voices with musicians  alongside these projections

- so our song cycle will have gone full circle!

Project 2020

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Forgotten December 2019 update Oct 2020
Palace of Westminster February 2017
Memorium Nuremberg Trials November 2016
Mansfield College, Oxford October 2016

Big Year for Freedom 2015

Big Year for Freedom PNG.png
Big Year for Freedom PNG.png

Magna Carta 800 coincided with the 65th anniversary of the signing of the ECHR in what was a Big Year for Freedom. Eleanor Roosevelt, a driving force behind the Universal Declaration on Human Rights called it The International Magna Carta for the principles that lay behind it, and the European Convention is the UDHR's enforceable, regional instrument. English Cabaret celebrated this happy syzygy with a pop-up tour.

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7. In Performance 4.jpg


David Maxwell Fyfe practised as a barrister in Liverpool, met his wife Sylvia Harrison there, and was MP for its' West Derby constituency for nearly 20 years. English Cabaret popped up at its' iconic museum on the quay.


'It was magical'

Julia Bryan Senior Education Manager

Edinburgh Fringe Premiere 2014

Dreams of Peace & Freedom played for 3 weeks in

C Venues beautiful St Peter's church introducing a Celtic arrangement of 3 female voices with piano accompaniment. Robert spoke the words of his great grandfather.


It made the Fringe Review's Top 5 music shows, and was Three Weeks Editors Pick for Week 2 . They praised the show for its'  'lyrical piano... exquisite singing... delicate and uplifting.'


'a secular hymn for humanity' MusicalTalk

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