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Press Release May 2020

Following our launch of The Humans in the Telling in January (Multi-media tribute to War Trials and Human Rights jurist, Scotsman 12/1/20) we are delighted in this week leading up to VE Day to announce the launch of our podcast, Dreams of Peace & Freedom : The Human's in the Telling on Soundcloud.


We have continued our social media telling of our tale, reaching out with our story across Europe, to encourage younger generations to learn why it is important. On Twitter we are sharing letters exchanged between Sylvia and David Maxwell Fyfe whilst he was in Nuremberg,  bringing them to life with video, whilst on Instagram, we're sharing snippets of the project, inspired by 7 centres of the story.

We are also thrilled to have the support of Dominic Grieve QC, a national leader in the ongoing campaign for human rights and freedom under the law, who looks forward to featuring in our anniversary commemorations at different stages during this year. Talking to us, he said :


“Law is sometimes seen as dry, but for those who practice it, its purpose is often surrounded by emotion."


He went on to describe how our project highlights this :


"In The Humans’ in the Telling, the life and work of David Maxwell Fyfe, both as a prosecutor at Nuremberg and as a politician in  helping create the European Convention on Human Rights reflects this split. He worked with others to use the law to do justice when faced with the most appalling crimes and to protect future generations from any repetition in away that was ground breaking. It echoed his deepest personal feelings and outlook born of his own life and family history."


And concludes :


"The Human’s in the Telling brings this out vividly and is a must for all who want to build a better world.”


In 2016 Dominic hosted a performance of Dreams of Peace & Freedom at Westminster.



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Tom Blackmore's blog  'VE Day - When Freedom Roared Back'  remembers why people fought and contributed in a thousand different ways to the Second World War defeat of the Nazis. They fought to protect their freedom, their lives and our future. He concludes :


"In the Second World War people fought for freedom. When they won, they ensured that freedom roared back into all aspects of their life.


Now we are fighting for lives. But we will need to summon the courage to maintain the freedoms for which so many fought and died, and so many more celebrated on VE Day."


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