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The Faith of a Romantic


‘If I must label what I believe...’


Reflections on Britain in the 1960s – What that has led to today – A speech from a forgotten ghost – Maxwell Fyfe’s credo – This I believe - All Shall Be Well




Commentary by Tom Blackmore

David Maxwell Fyfe : Robert Blackmore

Narrated by Sue Casson




Extract from Maxwell Fyfe’s writings in 1962

David Maxwell Fyfe's speech in Brussels in 1947

Transcript of ‘This I believe’ written by David Maxwell Fyfe for Ed Morrow’s American broadcast




All shall be well 

Adapted from Dame Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love (made famous by TS Eliot in Little Gidding, published 1942)


Set to music and played by Sue Casson

Sung by Lily and Sue Casson


Recorded at Lana Banana Studios

Engineered by Henry Willard

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