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Part VII

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Non Semper reprise edited


Dreams of Peace & Freedom : Part VII

Non Semper Imbres reprise


Words by James Logie Robertson

Music by Sue Casson


David Maxwell Fyfe : Robert Blackmore

Sylvia Maxwell Fyfe : Lily Casson

Sung by Lily and Sue Casson

Played and narrated by Sue Casson


Violin : Mary Young

   Cello : Fraser Bowles


Recorded and mixed at Lana Banana Studios



Non Semper Imbres - a musical setting by Sue Casson

of further verses from James Logie Robertson's Scottish dialect poem Non Semper Imbres.

David Maxwell Fyfe copies out this poem in a letter to his wife Sylvia as the trials are drawing to a close, saying that it 'rather expresses our mood just now'.


Non Semper Imbres is first sung in Dreams of Peace & Freedom III to evoke the landscape of David Maxwell Fyfe's childhood. In this reprise later verses from the poem, with their implicit message of hope - ‘not always raining’ look forward to a world after the Nuremberg Trials, and better times to come.

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