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IMT Nuremberg : Choosing Justice

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‘The stage of history is like no other drama’


Victorian spectres – A war of ideas –The stage of history – Robert Jackson–

Political leaders reservations to the Trials – There are waters – Establishing the Trials – Blow out you bugles




Commentary by Tom Blackmore

Narrated by Sue Casson

David Maxwell Fyfe : Robert Blackmore




Tribute to Robert Jackson, American Congress 1954

A Political Adventure (David Maxwell Fyfe’s autobiography)

Published in 1964

Robert Jackson’s opening speech at IMT Nuremberg 1945




Blow out you bugles

Adapted from Rupert Brooke's War Sonnet III - The Dead

Set to music and played by Sue Casson

Sung by Lily and Sue Casson


Recorded at Lana Banana Studios

Engineered by Henry Willard

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