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Part III

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Non Semper Imbres 1


Dreams of Peace & Freedom : Part III


Non Semper Imbres

Words by James Logie Robertson

Music by Sue Casson


Sergeant O'Pikes I & II

Words by Neil Munro/Music by Sue Casson

Sung by Andrew Bolton


Safety Cannon

Music by Sue Casson


David Maxwell Fyfe : Robert Blackmore

Sung by Lily and Sue Casson

Played and narrated by Sue Casson


Violin : Mary Young

   Cello : Fraser Bowles


Recorded and mixed at Lana Banana Studios


Sue Casson's settings of two of David Maxwell Fyfe's favourite Scottish dialect poems, Non Semper Imbres by James Logie Robertson and Sergeant o' Pikes

by Neil Munro, tell the story of his early life.


The language of Non Semper Imbres conjurs David Maxwell Fyfe’s familiar childhood landscape; trees, mountains and lochs, as well as poetically expressing his belief in Natural Law, set in the style of a folk air that musically reinforces his Scottish heritage. Memories of childhood holidays with his grandparents in Sutherland are spoken over the music.


In performance, Sergeant o’ Pikes (quoted by Fyfe in an introduction he wrote to the autobiography of the Duke of Sutherland), accompanies a selection of photographs to show the historical background to his life until he was forty-five,

which was was one of world war and Depression.


Munro’s lines on the warlike clansmen echo the ‘brave spirits’ of the past that set alight Fyfe’s romantic imagination. For them ‘the Hielan’s’ were forever at their back driving them on, keeping them true to Scots tradition wherever they were fighting. And so it was with David Maxwell Fyfe. He remained true to his Scottish heart and history as he went out to try to change the world.

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