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Part I

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Albion edited
Magna Carta


Dreams of Peace & Freedom : Part I



Words & Music by Sue Casson


Magna Carta

Words from the conclusion of the Magna Carta

Music by Sue Casson


David Maxwell Fyfe :

Robert Blackmore

Sung by Lily and Sue Casson

Played and narrated by

Sue Casson


Violin : Mary Young

   Cello : Fraser Bowles


Recorded and mixed at

Lana Banana Studios


Albion - a closely-blended 3 voice reverie inspired by Natural Law with words and music by

Sue Casson leads into her musical setting of a passage from the Magna Carta interwoven with excerpts from a speech made by David Maxwell Fyfe to the American Bar Association in 1957 when they visited Britain to unveil a plaque to Magna Carta at Runnymede.


Part I of Dreams of Peace & Freedom explores Maxwell Fyfe’s life-long dedication to Natural Law.

We could find no sole poem to set, so gathering images from the Shakespeare he loved and the atmosphere of the Waverley storybook, I blended them with lines from John Donne (with which he is likely to have been familiar) adding some of my own

as a bridge to make an unaccompanied three voice reverie.


We first introduced this setting of lines from Magna Carta (translated from the original Latin) in our Edinburgh show, the year before the Magna Carta 800 celebrations. The speech Maxwell Fyfe made to the American Bar Association, included a quote from Horace,

a Greek statement of the power of Natural Law.

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