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MAY 2022

We defend our freedom to live, to love, to sound. 

Fill the silence with your music. And then peace will come

President Zelensky, Ukraine 

English Cabaret, as members of the family of David Maxwell Fyfe, are performing song cycle

DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM throughout May to highlight the need to secure justice for Ukraine.

Much talk has been whipped up in a short period of time about how to deal with the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Justice is a first vital step towards rebuilding Ukraine after the fighting finishes. Further steps will include the establishment of a secure peace for the Ukrainian people and the restoration of their fundamental rights and freedoms. A number of global and international courts and organisations already exist and have begun the steady process of collecting evidence.  


But this is Europe and we have a recent history to draw on alongside the complexity of the modern maxims of international law. With our allies, we have put dictators on trial, as we did in 1945, we have rebuilt the continent to make the victims safe and the aggressors calm, and we have reconciled Europe to protect the rights and freedoms of all. 

Now we must do it again. 

DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM tells the story of the steps that were taken after the barbarity of the Second World War. through the eyes of someone who was there 75 years ago - David Maxwell Fyfe.  It tells how those who lead in dictatorships who bring terror, have been prosecuted, faced the evidence of their crimes, been  cross-examined to establish personal culpability and been judged. It further tells of how after justice fundamental rights and freedoms must be restored and secured so people can once more live in peace and freedom. 

Maxwell Fyfe's words then resonate with the challenges facing Ukraine now : 

‘After exhausting wars men tend to suffer a weariness of mind which can make them shrink away from facing the limitations of human nature and produce a facile scepticism about their evil deeds. 

…Most people approach the subject of War Crimes Trials fundamentally either as cynic or idealist. This is because the case for or against trying war criminals depends on that controversial subject succinctly known as human rights. Your cynic says, "Human Rights? There are none." ‘Your idealist, however, takes the view that there are certain rights and freedoms from which mankind which cannot be alienated.’ 

We stand by those who expose evil deeds in Ukraine, and who will restore the rights and freedoms. We will fill the silence with our music to defend the freedom of Ukrainians to live, to love, and to sound.  We will take the cut-down show (just the four of us) on the road throughout May, performing informally as we make our way through the country. 

‘In these dreadful times need a wake-up call on the remarkable work and achievements of your grandfather’

Philippe Sands QC  

We stand beside Philippe Sands, Maxwell Fyfe and all those who stand for the prosecution of war criminals, the renewal of natural justice after barbarism, and the restoration of fundamental rights and freedoms after terror. 



Discover where you can join us at a free campaign performance by clicking the button below.

How you can support Justice for Ukraine

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Come along to a performance of Dreams of Peace & Freedom

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