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Over the last year, we have created a scrapbook of letters, transcripts, blogs and tweets.

We want to share it with you.

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"History is much more than the unimaginative text books that I read growing up. As I have discovered through exploring the life of my

great grandfather, history is made up just as much of the personal small events of people's lives as the historical events they sit alongside. Maxwell Fyfe documented his life in the letters, papers

and memorabilia he left behind as his legacy.


With the digital revolution, during my life I have been able to capture events and take photos of places we have visited, to share online. Telling his story and living beside it has brought a new perspective to the events I have lived through.


I hope sharing these forgotten historical events in this way will bring them alive, communicating what I believe are important messages in a fresh way."




"I’ve always loved the art of collage – carefully chosen snaps, bits and snips rubbing up against one another. A different view depending where the light falls. By making our family scrapbook a mish mash of events across generations, we somehow share the same history. It is more difficult to distance yourself from events that happened a long time ago when the resonances keep bouncing back."



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