"A must for all who want to build a better world." Dominic Grieve

The business of retelling family history is not straightforward. Miranda Cormack blazed a trail in keeping the memories of David and Sylvia Maxwell Fyfe alive. And we followed.


We recognise our debt to all who have helped and supported us, and we are very grateful to them.



This project was only made possible thanks to the generosity of Courtenay and Pamela Blackmore, and could not have happened in the past couple of years without the support of Vicky and Andrew Morgan.



Other family members who have

helped and supported us :


Miranda Barlow

Gill and David Beattie

Chris Curtis

Kate Fyfe

Lady Mercia Harrison

Alan Milne

Caroline and Jo Pearson

Margaret Weston Smith

who have helped and supported us :


David and Sarah Ainsworth

Tony Barritt

Stuart and Amanda Bell

Alison and Piers Bertlin

Andrew Bolton

Chris Brannick

Anne and Peter Brown

David and Julie Chapman

Mark Dewey and Sue Chaplin

Margaret and Paddy Cooke

Tom Dawkins

Peter Goide

Philip and Louise Goodwin

John and Fatima Gordon-Reid

Mark and Rachael Hanley-Brown

Miles and Sue Harper


Jessica Holgate

Ray Jones

Andy and Liz Machin

Rob and Jill McCoy

Wayne and Lorraine Measor

Dave and Jess Morcom

Kate Pederson

Simon Rae

Jane and Mike Redley

Philippe Sands

Julian and My Spence

Charles Spencer

Andrew and Emma Sutcliffe

Mel and Pam Smith

Father John Warnaby

Liisa Wood