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The Human's in the Telling.

Bulllet Journal Edit 1 Bujo plans Map 2

Planning for the countdown to 2020

MON Liverpool Prod Shot 12 Monday

International Holocaust Memorial Day - Oxford 2019 & Liverpool 2016

Day 2 - Dornoch

Filming in Sutherland, Scotland February 2019...

Day 5 - Oxford Day 3 - Edinburgh Edinburgh, David Maxwell Fyfe's home and inspiration...

THURS.2 Edin 1 Day 4 - Liverpool Cathedral and Dock Liverpool, where David Maxwell Fyfe worked as a lawyer and was MP for

West Derby

for nearly 20 years...

Filming THINT Day 1 - Travel Radcliffe Camera


...and in Oxford, where David Maxwell Fyfe studied at Balliol College, during and after WWI