We perform...

To celebrate the restoration of freedoms removed during the pandemic

and commemorate the 75th anniversary of David Maxwell Fyfe's speech at the

Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.



June 29th - August 29th 2021


It may be outdoors or in a large indoor space. It may be 4 of us, or a full choir and band show.

It will always be safe and legal. We will target the 8 centres of the story,

but will happily visit other places.

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"A magnificent work about freedom, democracy, liberty"

Thos Ribbits, MusicalTalk


Our story tells how natural law, in its contemporary form of universal human rights was reborn in Europe after the unnatural bloodshed and barbarity of two World Wars.


The Convention on Human Rights in Europe is a list of rights that are shared by all, under the protection of the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


Universal Human Rights and Freedoms


Those who fought and died for freedom

Unlike this present crisis, where we have given away rights and freedoms in return for our health, people willingly sacrificed themselves to protect liberty and democracy.  


Those who were slaughtered were extinguish their freedom of conscience and expression as well as their right to live.


At Nuremberg, those who sought to deny them these freedoms were brought to justice.


Forgotten 13 DoPaF 28

Dreams of Peace & Freedom is a moving song cycle exploring the birth of modern human rights.


The writings of David Maxwell Fyfe,

Nuremberg Prosecutor and champion of the

European Convention, intertwine with musical settings of the poets who inspired him,

with a backdrop of archive film, images and words.