Part VI


Dreams of Peace & Freedom : Part VI

Now God Be Thanked


Words from Rupert Brooke's War Sonnet I, Peace

Music by Sue Casson


David Maxwell Fyfe : Robert Blackmore

Sylvia Maxwell Fyfe : Lily Casson

Sung by Sue and Lily Casson

Played by Sue Casson


Recorded at Lana Banana Studios

Engineered by Henry Willard

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Now God Be Thanked - a musical free setting

by Sue Casson of part of Rupert Brooke's War Sonnet I - 'Peace', is woven around the story of David Maxwell Fyfe's preparation to cross-examine leading war criminals at the Nuremberg trials. The narration is taken from letters exchanged between Maxwell Fyfe and his wife written at the time.


To express the defining moment of Fyfe’s career - his cross-examination of Hermann Goering at Nuremberg, the opening heartfelt prayer from Brooke’s War Sonnet I – Peace 

perfectly expresses the moment when everything comes together – preparation, knowledge and opportunity:


‘Now, God be Thanked, who has matched us with his hour’


Though Brooke was writing of the moment of poise before going into battle, the words catch the spirit of that post war trial, and this famous battle of wills. The antiphonal style with a solo and choir response, suggests the lawyer and the courtroom reaction.

Now God Be Thanked Arrow black large