A Friday Twitter series #HumanRightsHeroes highlights ordinary people who became heroes by changing the world around them. To follow the series as it happens, go to @EnglishCabaret!

Human Rights Hero 1 - Hugo



Victor Hugo is the French author of Les Miserables,  

who changed public perception of the poorest

in 19th century society.

Human Rights Hero 2 - Lillian Wald




Lillian Wald was an American nurse and suffragist who helped to create a better future for those without a voice.

Human Rights Heroes 3 - Desmond Tutu updated




A key voice  

in the fight against apartheid, Desmond Tutu continues to shine hope into a broken world.

Human Rights Heroes 4 - Malala Yousafzai 2


A human rights campaigner and author,

Malala Yousafzai continues to fight for

the education of women  

around the world.

Human Rights Heroes 5 - The Dalai Lama



The Dalai Lama

is a specially chosen

spiritual leader  

whose name translates  

as ocean and  

master or guru.

Human Rights Heroes 6 - Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Heroes 7 Rene Cassin 2 Human Rights Heroes 10 -David Mawell Fyfe

Our own #HumanRightsHero is

David Maxwell Fyfe, who played a pivotal role in the British prosecution team at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials and went on to draft the European Convention

on Human Rights.


Eleanor Roosevelt

was instrumental in creating

the Universal Declaration

on Human Rights

which paved the way to

the European Convention

on Human Rights.



Law professor and judge

Rene Cassin co-authored the Universal Declaration

on Human Rights.

HRH Logo Human Rights Hero - Miep Gies



Miep Gies has made it possible for generations to read the diary of Anne Frank

whose family she sheltered during WWII.

Human Rights Hero 9 - Martin Luther King



Reverend Martin Luther King's  'I have a dream' speech continues to inspire people today as we aspire to work towards greater equality for all.