I have had a ridiculous day.  The tribunal was not sitting and everyone else was out shooting so I got up at 11 and sat in the sun.  I read "To-morrow and To-morrow" by Stephen McKenna which was rather too much as it was all about disillusion after the last war.  All the zip had gone out of the characters.  Moreover I think that they had been dezipped by McKenna and not merely in my mind.  As they were all considerably younger than I am, I shall have to look out. The readiness for disillusionment is with us again.


It might be worth asking Gordon O'Neill to find out about the present state of the cross-channel air service and the price.  We are not going to let anything interfere with our having an occasional hop over to the continent. After all we have both given quite a lot for me to familiarise myself with Europe, and we might as well try and keep up with our knowledge and acquaintances.

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